A question I am asked constantly is “Do you think I need to go on a detox?” Obviously my answer is dependant on who I am talking to. In my opinion most of us need to become more aware about what contributes to our toxic load and rather than doing a short term detox, we could all benefit from lifelong daily practices that detoxify our system and contribute to abundant health.

Have you ever stopped to think about the role your environment plays in your health and wellbeing?

  • Do you live inner city or near a busy road?
  • Do your drive to work in heavy traffic?
  • Do you spend most of your day in an air conditioned or heated environment?
  • Do you use a computer or VDU daily?
  • Do you work with chemicals or use them to clean your home?
  • Do you open your house up daily to allow fresh air to slow through?

Everyone I know would answer yes to one or more of these questions. Even those people who devote their lives to ‘clean living’ and ‘clean eating’ will still be exposed to environmental pollution in one form or another. Last week we focussed on eliminating accumulated toxins through the skin but protecting yourself against toxicity in the first place is super important.

My top 3 tips for detoxifying your environment are listed below. These are simple measures we can all take and incorporate into our lifes to ensure we reduce the toxic burden we place on ourselves.

Improve the air quality in your home/office: Open the windows or doors in your home for at least 20 minutes every day. This will allow for the air to be exhanged with the air outside. This will decrease the levels of pollutants and stale air, ensuring better air quality and humidity levels. I often sleep with my window or balcony door slightly open or I simply open things up as soon as I wake up (regardless of the weather where possible).

Cleaning products: I urge you to consider what is in the products you use to clean your home. It seems crazy to me that nasty cleaning chemicals are still being used by a huge percentage of the population, especially when we consider the variety of natural cleaning products readily available to us. Why not try some of the follow, harmless options:

  • 1/2 cup of White vinegar in hot water for cleaning tiled floors
  • Bicarb sode is great for cleaning stainless steel, chrome and enamel.
  • Fresh flowers or home made pot-pourri with a drop of essenital oil instead of air fresheners
  • Salt is great for cleaning sinks and chopping boards
  • Clean toilets with a cup of baking soda (let sit for an hour) and vinegar (pour in 1 cup after the baking soda has been sitting for an hour. Leave for 5 mins and flush).

Reduce your exposure to radiation: We all expose ourselves to radiation on a daily basis but it is possible to reduce your exposure. Start with these suggestions below:

  • Whenever possible, turn off your VDU (visual device unit)
  • Place a packet of Epsom salts in a cardboard box in front of your computer screen. A significant amount of emitted radiation will be absorbed by doing so and when the crystals become dry/powdery, you will need to replace the packet
  • Try a digital detox or at the very least, devoting technology free time to yourself daily
  • Keep green plants around your home/workplace
  • Get up and move away from your screen often
  • Don’t use electric blankets – use hot water bottle instead!
  • When in bed, do not have a clock radio or mobile phone near your head

Look out for my next blog post on the role of our emotions and attitudes on our toxic load.

Meg 🙂