Jemma Biddick – Pre-season Netball Circuit.

Jemma Biddick: January 2015

Pre-Season Circuit Training

Warm up #1: Foam Roller Release work followed by easy jog for 5-10mins. Dynamic Flexibility- Calf Pumps, Hamstring Swings, Glute Walk, Walking Lunges (10 of each on each leg).



–    2 Cones placed 20m apart and a mat or towel

Warm Up #2- Extended Warm up and fast feet work

20m Ankle Flicks

20m Heels to Butt

20m High Knees

20m Fast Feet

20m Side Shuffle low (each side)

20m Side Shuffle high (each direction)


Repeat each 2x – more intense the second time.


Bodyweight CIRCUIT

– 20 m shuttle (start at one cone, run to the other and back as fast as you can)

– 10x push ups

– Skipping rope x 50 jumps (fast)

– 10x jump squats

– 20m shuttle

– 60 second plank

– Skipping rope x 100 jumps (fast)

– 20 mountain climbers on each leg

– 20m shuttle

– 20 Bwd Lunges each leg

– Skipping rope x 150 jumps (fast)

–    Rest for 2 minutes and repeat 3 times.

Partner Fitness and Agility work:

Start with 1 min reaction ball with your partner (Dad). If you don’t have a partner, use a wall and bounce it to yourself. Stay light on you feet throughout.


Partnered run/core:

One of you is running, while the other is in a side plank.

–    Cones set up 20m apart, the runner completes 4 shuttles (remember that up and back is one) as quickly as possible. The person planking stays in the plank until 4 shuttles are complete. Both of you rest for 30-60secs then repeat 4 shuttles with other person planking on the opposite side. (1-2 sets)


Cool down, SMR on foam Roller and re-stretch using static stretches for areas that require it.