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Experience a full day of nourishment for your mind, body & soul

31 July '16, 10AM-5PM
At Bodhi & Ride 416-418 Bay St, Port Melbourne

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You will learn how to bring your body and mind into balance, move for the pure joy of it, look good and feel connected to all life has to offer.

You've probably been asked about your health & fitness goals before. Maybe you have set goals and even temporarily reached them. You may have even got with the program, done what worked for other people or managed to attain the physique you thought you wanted, only to find that the getting there didn't feel very life-enhancing, holistic or balanced. It felt like constant deprivation and a chore. Here's my first goal: to get you hooked on feeling and looking great and enjoying the process.

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Whether you prefer one to one training or the dynamic environment of group training in the outdoors, you’ll receive an individualised approach with high quality instruction and support.


What’s your wellness vision? How can you achieve vibrant health and wellness if you haven’t dedicated yourself to defining your own vision of wellness? Wellness Coaching Consultations start with an initial vision; a single declaration of the life you want to have, how you want to feel, and how you want to get there.

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Holistic training that is Functional, Personalised and Fun. Thorough health assessment, goal setting and personalised fitness plans.

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Have you ever considered the gift of a wellness retreat to kickstart a new phase of vibrant health?

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Boosted morale, increased productivity, happy, healthier employees. If you’re an employer, consider the huge benefits of a workplace wellness program.

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Fiona Beuchampt

“I can’t believe it’s this long but Meg has been training me for 15 years. I have been through a significant change in my life during this time but Meg has always kept me fit and healthy through a period of stress in my working life and then a significant accident when I broke two vertebrae in my lower back. The injury was such that I was almost left a paraplegic...”

Les Webb

Fiona Beuchampt

Meg is wonderfully knowledgeable, and her experience helps to shape you as a person. Her ability to guide you in your journey to achieving your goals is amazing. Meg is thoughtful, fun and well prepared and I always look forward to my sessions with her...” 

Courtney Carr 

Fiona Beuchampt

Meg was recommended to me by a friend who had recently transferred to Melbourne from Auckland and was a huge Les Mills advocate telling me Meg was one of the best PT's she had worked with. With high expectations I met Meg and was so impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and her holistic approach to health and wellbeing...

Beth Scott 

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