I can’t believe it’s this long but Meg has been training me for 15 years. I have been through a significant change in my life during this time but Meg has always kept me fit and healthy through a period of stress in my working life and then a significant accident when I broke two vertebrae in my lower back. The injury was such that I was almost left a paraplegic. Meg worked with me through the two-year rehabilitation period with compassion empathy and an acute physiological knowledge that got me back on my feet and mobile in record time.


Post the rehabilitation I continued with my personal training to bring me up to the level I was before the accident and then raise the bar. There have been many ups and down but Meg has been a constant. Never boring the training regime changes as needed whether that be core work, Cardio, Weights, Cross training always on an individually tailored program suited to the person and their situation. Additionally Meg has been a source of knowledge and encouragement for general well being including diet, lifestyle and motivation. Whether you are an elite athlete or just want to maintain a level of fitness Meg has the training skills and intuitiveness requires.

Les Webb 

Meg was recommended to me by a friend who had recently transferred to Melbourne from Auckland and was a huge Les Mills advocate telling me Meg was one of the best PT's she had worked with. With high expectations I met Meg and was so impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and her holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Since I have know Meg I have moved overseas and come back to Melbourne and rejoined Meg's Dawn-breakers training group on a Tuesday morning. 

Meg has helped me through some really tough personal issues through exercise and helpful motivating follow up after sessions - she is compassionate yet results driven and her experience differentiates her from the many personal trainers working in the industry. I cannot recommend Meg highly enough, I feel privileged to work with her.

Beth Scott

Megan Campbell is a gifted, beautiful and inspiring wellness/fitness expert. When I was initially looking for a personal trainer, the fact that Meg was warm, approachable and experienced in so many different areas influenced my decision. In fact, after the first time I met Meg I instantly felt comfortable and knew she would be someone to have a positive impact on my life. Since then, Meg and I have met twice a week for nine years. Her training sessions have challenged me and my body, and I have seen significant improvements over the time I have worked with her. Not only has helped me transform my body, but also my mind. Meg is wonderfully knowledgeable, and her experience helps to shape you as a person. Her ability to guide you in your journey to achieving your goals is amazing. Meg is thoughtful, fun and well prepared and I always look forward to my sessions with her. With her extensive knowledge of body functionality, she knows just how hard to push you in a very encouraging, supportive and creative way. Meg is always mindful of correct technique when doing strength training; helping you to prevent injuries. She is the ultimate professional and a standout in her field. I would highly recommend Meg - You will love working with her. 

Courtney carr

What was your main motivation for employing me as your trainer? I chose to employ Meg as my trainer because of her extensive knowledge of the sport I play and the rehabilitation I would require after a knee reconstruction. I also have a personal relationship with Meg enabling her to understand what to create a program designed for my personality as well. Her ability to create an overall program and teaching that encompasses not just the physical needs but the overall wellness of mind that is needed for rehabilitation and ongoing programs. Did you have any concerns before hiring me as a trainer? As soon as I sat down with Meg and talked about what I would like to achieve and her care and understanding of my body I was completely at ease. 

Her gentle manner but strong instructions were fantastic for me. Were you reluctant about anything? If so, how were those concerns put at ease for you? No I was not reluctant as her personality was not overpowering and dominating rather it was very welcoming. What do you believe are my main strengths? I believe Megs strengths are her ability to understand the client and to create a program or lifestyle awareness that both challenges and nutures them. She has an excellent strength in motivating and inspiring you to do your program and to also think about other aspects of your life. eg nutrition, relaxation and body awareness. What have I done/did I do for you that others haven’t in the past? Meg has made me understand that you don’t have to work hard all the time to be fit and strong. 

To learn to listen to my body and to trust when it is telling me information. Meg has instilled in me a greater body awareness and wellbeing lifestyleas well as the ability to appreciate myself as I am. What specific aspect have you found to be most enjoyable about working with me? The best aspect of working with Meg is her ability to challenge me, to create new and unique programs that keep me stimulated and motivated. Her personality has also been so enjoyable as she has turned exercise from a mental battle on my body to something enjoyable and social as well. What have we done that has made the biggest difference for you? Learn about my body and how the connection of body and mind is so important to performance in all aspects of life. 

What would be the top three things you have gained/accomplished from working with me?) Meg has given me a great mental strength that I use in all aspects of my life from sport to everyday. To be aware of my body at all times and to listen to what it tells me and to respond appropriately. To have fun with exercise and not have to do high intensity exercise all the time. What would you say to a friend who was thinking of working with me- but wasn’t sure? I would and have recommended people to see Meg as I think her unbelievable knowledge and constant learning of new ways in the industry means that she is always able to give you the best information. Her manner and character are not overpowering or aggressive which allows you to feel comfortable and not intimidated. 

I feel that working with Meg has given me a greater body and mind awareness. I feel that her ability to understand my personality has really helped me to really appreciate who I am and to accept myself and become stronger for knowing her. I am very grateful for everything that Meg has given me in the 10years of her training me.

Libby Beauchamp

Meg has more than fulfilled my expectations as a personal trainer. This delightful, dedicated and professional young woman has trained me for over 9 years and has always taken such a personal and overall interest in my fitness and health. Meg is highly qualified and with her wealth of knowledge her advice is invaluable whether it be physical training, nutrition or well-being. With Meg's support my commitment to training has never faltered and it has become a pleasurable part of my life. I've achieved my initial goal of a high level of fitness and good health and thanks to Meg's ongoing interest and encouragement I have succeeded in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Meg's weekly sessions are always challenging, varied and tailored to my specific needs. Meg will never let you down. I highly recommend Meg, in fact I have already done so to several friends who are as delighted with their results as I am. I consider Meg not only my trainer but my friend.

Gillian Sibson

As a very keen amateur golfer my lack of flexibility was starting to take it's toll on my game. I needed some help and I needed it from someone who had studied enough to know what they were doing. I was lucky enough to find Meg. After a few weeks of golf specific stretching we also began to work on core strength. The results were almost immediate. I was hitting the golf ball MUCH longer than I had in years and with my new found flexibility I was also able to starting putting the club in better 'positions' during my swing than I ever had. Golf was enjoyable again, my handicap dropped from 4 to scratch within 6 months, and I won the Club Championships that year after 20 years of trying. Then we moved on to Cardio. Now, I HATE cardio and would do anything to avoid it because the usual repetitive cardio is way too boring for me. 

But what Meg had me doing was challenging and fun so the 30 - 40 minutes flew by. And she pushed me, within my limits, but she pushed me. Which I really enjoyed. I'm competitive by nature and Meg recognised this so most times she trained with me because I wouldn't want her to beat me. Although on one run she was 6 months pregnant and beat me on a Beach run which doesn't rank as one of my 'career' highlights. But I liked that and Meg knew it would get more out of me the next time we trained. I'd had 4 trainers prior to Meg but none of them were even close to having Meg's expertise and I'd never employ anyone else. So if you're looking to get out of your comfort zone or even just wanting to learn the correct technique for doing a particular exercise, hire Meg to get you on the right track.

Peter Allen

Over ten years ago, following a freak accident on my bike, which resulted in a very badly broken knee I was referred to Meg by a physiotherapist. Meg gave me more hope and encouragement than anyone before or since, and after eighteen months or so I had to have the knee totally replaced. However because of the attention she paid to my fitness and in particular to my legs, I recovered in a very short time. The hospital physio was amazed at my abilities post op. Since then we have kept up a close relationship, and I would happily recommend Meg to anyone. She is knowledgeable, caring and thoughtful and never fails to give her whole attention to you as a client. I would add that I'm now 76 years old, and given my medical history which continues to throw challenges at me, I'm in reasonable shape. Thank you Meg.

Jenny Thomson

Meg Campbell brings intelligence and understanding to our personal training sessions. Lack of flexibility is my biggest issue, and Meg is really helping me stretch and think about posture. It's all done with warmth and humour, and that makes me a happy return client.

Gabby Hills

Why Meg? 

I have played high level sport with Meg for many years and she has a huge depth and wealth of knowledge about fitness, health and is a highly inspiring individual Success story Meg is a very warm, easy going, caring and energetic trainer. She is respectful about the input of other health professionals and will liase with them to ensure you have the best outcome. Meg looks at your health holistically and provides strategies for managing injuries,supporting rehabilitation and supporting you to change and grow as an individual. It is horrifying to see what some personal trainers do in many gyms, in terms of teaching poor technique to their clients. 

Meg is very driven to ensure that you "feel" what good technique is and to ensure that you complete any movements with quality, not quantity Changes made The biggest difference for me is having a plan and a structured program at the gym to ensure I get the most out of going to the gym. Meg has also supported me to participate in other activities outside the gym to help strengthen and look after the health of my body. Meg has such a wonderful understanding my body's biomechanics and what things I need to continue working on, but also what things I need to challenge myself with. I would highly recommend (and have done so) to others Meg's services. 

If a friend wasn't sure, I would encourage them to meet with Meg for a chat about their goals. She is an amazing person and trainer who will make anyone feel at ease no matter what your fitness level is.

Fiona Beauchamp

In 2002 my husband and I moved from Canada to Australia for 2 years. When we arrived in Melbourne we joined Southport gym and not long after started to look for a personal trainer. Looking at the bulletin board I was impressed by Meg's profile because of her experience but also that she had studied had the University of Western in Canada. I started to train with Meg the spring of 2002. In Janaury 2003, my husband and I found out we were pregnant. Meg was the first person I told our exciting news to. I continued to use Meg as a personal trainer throughout the pregnancy. She was an immense support physically and emotionally. 

In terms of the physical aspect, Meg modified my exercise program throughout the pregnancy and was always so great at checking in with me to see what I was comfortable with at each stage. For example, in the first trimester Meg assured me that I was ok to continue to exercise at a certain level but for me I was only comfortable with the bare minimum until I had surpassed the first 3 months. Meg was always so competent, professional and confident. During the pregnancy she would often do research and give me articles about different prenatal exercises. Emotionally, Meg was just absolutely incredible. She was so motivational. She gently encouraged me when I didn't feel like exercising. 

If it wasn't for her there is no way I would have continued to exercise as frequently or at the same level that I did. Thankfully I did because I attribute my fantastic pregnancy and labour to my fitness level. Meg was also wonderful during the post natal stage. She helped set up another appropriate program for me that took into consideration my body recovering as well as my haphazard schedule due to breastfeeding, sleeping etc. She also researched abdominal separation and helped me understand what exercises were okay to do until I had healed. Meg is an incredible person and a highly skilled personal trainer. She is so optimistic, supportive, energetic and caring. I am so thankful to her for helping me have a healthy pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum recovery. 

Erin Eberhart-Spence

I worked with Meg as part of my preparation for the 2014 World Championships held in Italy. At the age of 37, I thought I was past my best physically, however through her motivation, dedication and expertise I felt in the best shape of my life. 

Tom Rogacki

Working with Meg is a treat. She’s passionate, engaging, knowledgeable and fun… and our team love the various movement sessions and wellness workshops she runs for us. Inspiring for all.

Paul Lacy and Kristina Karlsson kikki.K

kikki.K executive director/co-founder